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Kia ora! I’m Fraser, founder of BSS. A kiwi born-and-bred, I have a real passion for helping organisations big or small to succeed in the digital environment. Like you, I’m a business owner who cares a lot about the value I’m creating for the people or businesses that need it most. Quite frankly, I’ve seen a lot of businesses of all sizes suffer at the hands of poor digital optimisation - zero clarity of what results actually matter, a lack of customer or market research and little-to-no tracking and reporting for continuous learning and insights. My mission is to change this. But not just by offering more services. I want to help organisations and teams actually learn and grow in their own understanding of how to sustain growth in digital. “Optimisation” is an attitude, not a tactic you deploy every now and again. I want to teach you about why it’s a process that’s fundamental to your business and how it can become part of your everyday approach to improving the user and customer experience, and enhance your value creation.

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